Make racists DRIPPY…

In the run up to these EU elections right-wing candidates got a hard time trying to campaign by people using milkshakes to register their disapproval. Well done them! I made these GIFs. Still working on some artwork inspired by these events. Dx


Lewisham ’77

I have been printing some tee shirts, inspired by the events in Lewisham in 1977.

On the 13th August 1977 the National Front, a far right organisation of the day , with ties to other neo-nazi groups had arranged a rally in the culturally diverse London Borough of Lewisham. It is estimated that around 4000 people from the community as well as anti fascist groups turned out to resist them.

I think that it’s really important to remember the struggles and solidarity of our past , especially these days; with fascism creeping upon us and contention driving apart groups with common interests…

The leader of the NF at the time, Martin Webster has been quoted as saying –

“The sheer presence of the ANL (Anti Nazi League) had made it impossible to get NF members on the streets, had dashed recruitment and cut away at their vote.”

If there was any doubt of the efficacy of anti-fascist resistance!

So, I designed this image to celebrate what is called by some “The Battle of Lewisham”.

I would like to share this tee shirt, but it’s a personal DIY project not a commercial thing, so if you’d like one, I’d be really happy to print one for you, just send me two plain tee shirts and I will return one with the image printed on it for just the cost of postage.

Or , if you live in the borough then maybe we could meet and I can collect the tee shirts from you we can hang out! If you want to come over and join in printing, that’s cool too!

I have been buying tee shirts from charity shops, it means I’m not paying into some slave driving regime. Please don’t buy for this project directly from outlets if you’re not sure the workers are treated fairly . I’m aware that maybe some of the shirts I have been buying may have originally been made in bad conditions, but I am sure that when I buy them I am not funding such processes… It’s terrible that it seems the norm now that people are treated poorly, often working in dangerous conditions for a pittance and you have to go out of your way to find stuff made fairly…

If you really really can’t organise yourself and want to just buy one, then ok… Originally the tee shirts cost £2. I’m going to add £3 to that for labour (printing a single tee doesn’t take that long, and I’m into it, and would be printing for myself anyway) plus say £2.50 for postage… It might be less than that, but I haven’t checked. I think it should cover it…

Alternatively we could swap something… You make comix, zines or tees yourself? We better talk!

Option 1.  Meet up, gimme two tees and I give you one back with the print.

Option 2. Send two tees in the post and I’ll print one and send it back . Please include a pre-paid envelope.

Option 3. Buy one… If you must… £7.50, I’ll email you and you can paypal the money over

Option 4. Other swap!

So fill in the form and I’ll be in touch …I know it seems complicated but hopefully it’ll end up being a bit nicer than just buying a tee shirt from some faceless company! Also, there’s loads of stuff online about Lewisham ’77, this blog is pretty good.

Love all round.



Interview at 139artspace

From my recent exhibition Infinite Narratives – optimism / End-Times at 139artspace. Interview by Orli Ivanov.

The concrete jungle repeatedly depicted in your drawings in a very eerie, dark and apocalyptic manner, what is your relationship with the urban landscapes and living in the jungle?

I was born in camberwell, south east london and have always lived in surrounding areas of greater london. Urbanised areas. As a boy and young man I lived nearer to woodland and closer to Kent and always felt drawn towards the woods. i don’t want to get too into talking about the city, or the “concrete jungle” too much. But I have had many dreams where I’m in a industrial area and am running away from something… The building type structures in my drawings I have taken to symbolise civilization more generally, which I think is going to go through some radical changes in the next fifty years or so. I do the drawing kind of automatically, then afterwards I relate it to my state of mind, things that are influencing me, what I am consuming, reading etc… I am trying to work from a non-anthropocentric perspective. I think a lot of art, a lot of writing is centred around the human experience, I’m trying to get away from that. the point of my recent work; optimism / end-times, is, I think that when the buildings fall, when civilisation falls and the numbers of humans – either over a long or short period – decrease, because of fuel crisis, war, poverty, climate crisis etc etc then that will be a big bonus for the rest of the nature. Ultimately urban landscapes are of not much interest to me , as what they relate is a human influence on the earth, viz: destruction.

What significance does the creative practice and creative engagement hold in your existence?

My work patterns are sporadic, but when I am working , whether writing poems, drawing, painting, producing a book, I feel most complete. I feel that the work informs me. When I work I feel its a learning process. It’s not always comfortable but I often feel I gain something internally from practicing my art. Sometimes though I think, “what’s the point?” and I can’t bring myself to do it. I’m thinking right now about how I can practice my art in a way that is practical and meaningful maybe in a political way. I haven’t figured it out yet…

What was your most surreal and vivid dream you had?

I feel this question is irrelevant generally, and dreams are highly personal reflections of our subconscious as well as images of our conscious minds. I have mentioned something on this subject relative to a previous question.

I’d like to recommend some reading which has informed my recent work; Endgame by Derrick Jensen, The Dark Mountain Manifesto, any of the films on ,Petrosubjectivity – de-Industrialising our sense of self by Brett Bloom.

Also, go to any local protests, join the mailing list of your local disabled activist group, do some research on the current political situation, don’t have kids, think about what comes next…





No, I’m not proud (in progress)

I had no say in the place I was born

and the flag raised above the land I call home is just that

a flag


or nylon

or worse

with those same colours that flew

from the pirate ships

that stole sugar and tea and spices

and the very heads of indigenous peoples

their land called home for thousands of years

re-imagined as a profit-resource

by a group who

believed so whole-heartedly

in their supremacy

that they exported their beliefs

culture and ways

and implemented them savagely

under a red, white and blue banner

rich white men, bloated by corporate greed and wealth

and an obsession with cock-power

everything that is wrong with the world

over centuries built a world for themselves

on the bones

and the bodies

of dead peoples that they viewed as irrelevant

as less than human

and now


i’m not proud

of a people who talk of the poor

in derogatory terms

of the vulnerable, the sick and in-need

with derision

and point out that those worse off than themselves should

“get off their arses”


“pull their finger out”

and that look on those fleeing

in agony

war torn countries ruined by neo-colonialism

with suspicion

that maybe they come

to steal from this land

from this people

it’s a distortion of reality that is tied to our times

it’s a lie

that was sold to you with your morning coffee

by the same rich white men

that yeah

were doing this 500 years ago

and are still doing it

and you bought it

you bought the lie

and so no

i’m not proud

Cold night in Upton Park

you let the blood run dry


you could’ve stopped it



you never caused it

you never caused

the wound

you never asked me

to pour it


so i guess

it was never your responsibility


but you stood there


you watched


you held my hand

and whispered

so sweetly


and I cut me

so deeply

to show you my love


i opened myself up

i wanted you to see

how bright it was

how fast it ran

for you

my blood


i shoulda realised

i left myself empty

and blood’s better





i shoulda shown you

through my adult actions

how your love drove the blood

that made me


that made me


now I’ve bled me dry



could’ve stopped it



caused the wound


i poured it


and my blood’s no good

by you

in the street

by your feet

running down

into the drain

past the chicken bones

past the dead mice twitching on the glue trap


sure the light reflects

in the crimson

and that’s nice

on a cold night in upton park

but that’s not a life.

My blue sky

2015-02-11 23.02.56They said

my blue sky

was aggressive and violent

my experience

the pounding heart

the breath of life

pumping through my body

pouring out into the world

is the transition

is the anger

that looks forward

is the calm after

the riots

after the fires

the outrage

the blue sky that comes

after the smoke clears

is the beauty that comes

through the blood



after the dust settles

and we can enjoy

the blue sky

unencumbered by




For Friends / Love

For Friends

i was gonna write a comic strip

about you

a poem
a story
a song


you were a
fantastic folk duo

an archer

a titan

a hunter

you were a player

cruelly playing

with the hearts of others

you were a
paranoid vision
readying to stab me in the back

you were
a ball of indestructible energy

an innovator

a lost cause

you were down and out again

and we

were all crying

how we love you

but you’re not a character

that simple words

can adequately sketch

not mine anyway

maybe someone else’s…

but i do wanna say something

I wouldn’t have started this



and collectively




more real than the universe

you’re tangible love, my friends


and you’re there

out there in the world

and it’s that

that makes the world


i love you


The problems with valentine’s day

firstly, it’s my birthday, so fuck off

second, growing up

people would often remark on this

saying things like

“he’ll be a heartbreaker”

(negative attributions)


“aww, little valentino”


especially when you’re twelve

go to an all boys school

and don’t understand girls at all

(I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was twenty)

but my main problem with it is this

it’s a cheesy love song

a rom-com

a mills and boon novel

it’s the reinforcement of old ideas

of what love is in a contemporary setting

it’s love contextualised through commericalism


(the least romantic of any activity, surely)

it’s so out of touch

with real life

it’s a day a year where they devalue love

by demeaning it with

ideogram hearts

and cute teddy bears

it’s the enforcement

of a pact by flowers



and the prescriptive

dinners by candle – light

I cannot stomach

sure, I’ve had them

but I can’t stand the idea

that a greeting card company

a chain store

or the smug git on the news

(not that I watch it)

should guide

how and when

I express my love

for another

in fact

I can’t understand

why anyone would or should

ever presume to suggest

how love is to be expressed

to anyone

at any time


there may be a case

for the gentle advice

from a parent when asked

by a small child

but even then

maybe it’s best to decline

and let them see

let them find out for themselves

if they see love around them

they’ll learn how to give

and receive it


or with passion

and energy

or solemnity

as the situation should require

they’ll learn

we’ll learn

lets learn together

for fucks sake!

Lets chuck the teddies in the bin!