For Friends / Love

For Friends

i was gonna write a comic strip

about you

a poem
a story
a song


you were a
fantastic folk duo

an archer

a titan

a hunter

you were a player

cruelly playing

with the hearts of others

you were a
paranoid vision
readying to stab me in the back

you were
a ball of indestructible energy

an innovator

a lost cause

you were down and out again

and we

were all crying

how we love you

but you’re not a character

that simple words

can adequately sketch

not mine anyway

maybe someone else’s…

but i do wanna say something

I wouldn’t have started this



and collectively




more real than the universe

you’re tangible love, my friends


and you’re there

out there in the world

and it’s that

that makes the world


i love you


The problems with valentine’s day

firstly, it’s my birthday, so fuck off

second, growing up

people would often remark on this

saying things like

“he’ll be a heartbreaker”

(negative attributions)


“aww, little valentino”


especially when you’re twelve

go to an all boys school

and don’t understand girls at all

(I didn’t have a girlfriend until I was twenty)

but my main problem with it is this

it’s a cheesy love song

a rom-com

a mills and boon novel

it’s the reinforcement of old ideas

of what love is in a contemporary setting

it’s love contextualised through commericalism


(the least romantic of any activity, surely)

it’s so out of touch

with real life

it’s a day a year where they devalue love

by demeaning it with

ideogram hearts

and cute teddy bears

it’s the enforcement

of a pact by flowers



and the prescriptive

dinners by candle – light

I cannot stomach

sure, I’ve had them

but I can’t stand the idea

that a greeting card company

a chain store

or the smug git on the news

(not that I watch it)

should guide

how and when

I express my love

for another

in fact

I can’t understand

why anyone would or should

ever presume to suggest

how love is to be expressed

to anyone

at any time


there may be a case

for the gentle advice

from a parent when asked

by a small child

but even then

maybe it’s best to decline

and let them see

let them find out for themselves

if they see love around them

they’ll learn how to give

and receive it


or with passion

and energy

or solemnity

as the situation should require

they’ll learn

we’ll learn

lets learn together

for fucks sake!

Lets chuck the teddies in the bin!

Published by DAP

comix and zine fan and artist. DAP x

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