No, I’m not proud (in progress)

I had no say in the place I was born

and the flag raised above the land I call home is just that

a flag


or nylon

or worse

with those same colours that flew

from the pirate ships

that stole sugar and tea and spices

and the very heads of indigenous peoples

their land called home for thousands of years

re-imagined as a profit-resource

by a group who

believed so whole-heartedly

in their supremacy

that they exported their beliefs

culture and ways

and implemented them savagely

under a red, white and blue banner

rich white men, bloated by corporate greed and wealth

and an obsession with cock-power

everything that is wrong with the world

over centuries built a world for themselves

on the bones

and the bodies

of dead peoples that they viewed as irrelevant

as less than human

and now


i’m not proud

of a people who talk of the poor

in derogatory terms

of the vulnerable, the sick and in-need

with derision

and point out that those worse off than themselves should

“get off their arses”


“pull their finger out”

and that look on those fleeing

in agony

war torn countries ruined by neo-colonialism

with suspicion

that maybe they come

to steal from this land

from this people

it’s a distortion of reality that is tied to our times

it’s a lie

that was sold to you with your morning coffee

by the same rich white men

that yeah

were doing this 500 years ago

and are still doing it

and you bought it

you bought the lie

and so no

i’m not proud

Published by DAP

comix and zine fan and artist. DAP x

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