Old new strip…

here’s a strip I did for issue 2 of jimi gherkin comix. Doing “Electric Baby” and “Two and a bit songs” kinda pushed jg 2 to the back burner. I’m working on it again, but now this strip is quite old, so I probably won’t use it, so you might as well have it!


jimi x

Harvey Pekar

The Harvey Pekar/ Crumb team up stuff is some of my favourite comix, and recently I have been trying to use that kind of personal, down to earth way of telling a story. In fact, here is a panel from a strip I’m currently working on, so I was sorry to hear today that Harvey Pekar has died. Luckily, he documented his ideas in comix, for people to enjoy after he died. If you have something to say or a story to tell, why not try expressing them in comix?  Then there’ll be something left of you after you die! G’night… x

The Future? It’s yours…

Okay,  I haven’t updated this for more than a year,  so why start checking it now? Well, I want to tell you what’s going on in the world of Jimi Gherkin. Me. What I’m thinking about… It concerns you. Why? Because it’s about the future. Your future.

It’s not set yet. The coolest thing about the future is that you get to decide, right now, how it turns out! You’ll learn more later, so keep ’em peeled suckahs… love y’all…




hey everyone,

my new zine is available now WOOOHOOO! it’s a 28 page zine with high quality neon card covers, screen printed by hand at home! it’s printed on neon yellow paper inside and each one is an individually numbered edition of only 100… it contains writings on optimism and religion, a strip on how i screen print at home, reviews and a whole lot more… they’re four pounds which includes post and packaging…

you can read a review here.

love all round