Cold night in Upton Park

you let the blood run dry


you could’ve stopped it



you never caused it

you never caused

the wound

you never asked me

to pour it


so i guess

it was never your responsibility


but you stood there


you watched


you held my hand

and whispered

so sweetly


and I cut me

so deeply

to show you my love


i opened myself up

i wanted you to see

how bright it was

how fast it ran

for you

my blood


i shoulda realised

i left myself empty

and blood’s better





i shoulda shown you

through my adult actions

how your love drove the blood

that made me


that made me


now I’ve bled me dry



could’ve stopped it



caused the wound


i poured it


and my blood’s no good

by you

in the street

by your feet

running down

into the drain

past the chicken bones

past the dead mice twitching on the glue trap


sure the light reflects

in the crimson

and that’s nice

on a cold night in upton park

but that’s not a life.

Published by DAP

comix and zine fan and artist. DAP x

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