Lewisham ’77

I have been printing some tee shirts, inspired by the events in Lewisham in 1977. On the 13th August 1977 the National Front, a far right organisation of the day , with ties to other neo-nazi groups had arranged a rally in the culturally diverse London Borough of Lewisham. It is estimated that around 4000Continue reading “Lewisham ’77”

Interview at 139artspace

From my recent exhibition Infinite Narratives – optimism / End-Times at 139artspace. Interview by Orli Ivanov. The concrete jungle repeatedly depicted in your drawings in a very eerie, dark and apocalyptic manner, what is your relationship with the urban landscapes and living in the jungle? I was born in camberwell, south east london and haveContinue reading “Interview at 139artspace”


Saturday 9th April, 139artspace, Greenwich. Installation private view 6 – 9pm. Work will be exhibited through April. Friday 15th April, BookArtBookshop, Pitfield St. Launch of self published collection of drawing. Be good to see you there! Dx