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This is a poem.  It started when I was reading this book in the bath called “Scripts People Live” by Claude Steiner,  it is a book on the subject of Transactional Analysis. It is very interesting to think about why we behave the way we do and why we make the choices we make, and I have been reading a lot on this subject and it has been informing a lot of my poetry and abstract drawing.

There are lots of people in lots of difficult situations, bad relationships, jobs they hate, drink and drug problems, depression etc, some people don’t think they’re good enough for love, or they don’t deserve to be happy, or maybe they have become comfortable in their situations because thats how they’ve learned to live and its more safe than making a change. Basically these are “Not OK” positions… Either they feel “Not OK” or that other people that are “Not OK” or both!

I was feeling a bit down, so as I read I started to think “It’s OK to love, it’s OK to be happy…” I laughed! Then I started to say them out loud. It felt really good! I was giving myself permission to get what I want!! So, I wrote them down and riffed out a drawing on the subject and relating to stuff I have been thinking about recently…That it’s Okay to get what you want, Okay to be happy and Okay to love.

These are the scans of the work, the photos of the booklet are in my Zineography page on this blog…

Love all round



For Julie Kane’s Colorless Green Ideas Zine (she is still taking submissions), but for a larger piece I’m working on also… I’ll speak more about the metaphor later. DAP x

Heres a preview of a zine I’m working on. A series of drawings entitled “Sleep”. I draw them in the moments before I fall asleep, in my dark room, with my eyes closed… I’m upto seven pages now. I’m trying to get a look at myself through stream of consciousness drawing and also trying to demystify drawing; its literally something that one can do in their sleep! Love all round, I’m going to bed!!! DAP xx


“Draw and Write

What we feel


How we like


When we want


Where we live


Who wants in”

Love all round,



This is the first zine that I have self published using my real name ( jimi gherkin being my comic book pseudonym) I’m not sure why I decided now to start doing stuff under my real name, or indeed why I started going by the name jimi gherkin in the first place…a lot of people know me as jimi, and I’m happy to be known as jimi…

But whatever, this zine is of abstract drawing that I made a few days ago, accompanied by a poem about drawing… The point is that ANYONE can draw, and that drawing isn’t a scary thing, but it can be an insightful practise in learning about the self and our relationship with the world around us, as well as lots of fun! Its often I hear people say “I can’t draw”, this statement doesn’t make any sense to me, and with these simple dots, lines and blobs I hope to encourage those that thought that to have a go… Love all round,


For Melanie Maddison’s “Shape and Situate” Zine, I just drew this… the zine (now preparing for it’s third issue) is a collection of posters of inspirational european women, and I chose Grace Darling. I’m quite pleased with it so far, maybe just one more draft!

So, I just started renting a studio! I was indecisive (really?! me!!) and almost didn’t do it; its an expense, would I use it enough to make it worth it? Also, I work a day job so, would I have enough time to get in there and make the most of it… and the inevitable; I felt a bit of a faker! Y’know “real” artists have studios… But that was just b.s self doubt! I AM an artist!

Doing stuff at home is cool, but these last few months I have been living back at my parents, and there isn’t much space for me to get down to some serious work, I doodled a bit here and there, but I need to have some space just for myself, here someone is always around, the teevee is on etc etc… I love my family but its hard to work with everyone around… and it is work. Not in a negative way, I enjoy it! But I need to take it more seriously in a way. And here I am, taking it more seriously! I rented a studio, and I’ve been to “work” for two days! Better make the most of it while I’m on half term!

Anyway… today I got down to work on a strip for “Paranoia, Morbid Fantasies and the Mundane” with a character I doodled maybe 7 years ago called “Yer old mate hate”. He was on the cover of “jimi gherkin comics issue 1” but I haven’t ever used him in a strip. The strip is called “self doubt review interview” and it isn’t pretty! YOMH is basically the personification of all negativity, he is someone we all have one of those relationships with, we’ve known him for a long time and even though we don’t like him, we have to spend some time with him from time to time… We just have to make sure he doesn’t out-stay his welcome!!! So yeah, look out, there’ll be a new comic before the year is out!

Love all round.




Hey all,

I just got an email from Fiction Fix – I’ve never heard of them but it looks pretty interesting…

Their spring 2012 issue looks like being themed around graphic literature/ sequential art… take a look at their website if you’re interested in submitting work to anything next year. Good luck y’all!

Love all round,


For this exhibition by the AWESOME Sassoon Gallery in Peckham I was asked to do something on a set of acrylic nails!!! So, here’s what I did… I did a “straight strip” (see “Issue 2” pics below) 10 panels just about a pair who meet after a guy comments on a girls nails! But I also used it as a chance to experiment. I’d read a bit about abstract comix on Richard Cowdry’s blog and been interested for a while in bringing in some element of chance to the process… a la John Cage (one day I want to do a 4:33 composed for comix…) I started with an abstract pen and ink drawing, kind of stream of consciousness,  no drafting, just drew it over a few hours… then using a 6 x 12 panel grid and a couple of dice I determined 10 sets of co-ordinates and thus 10 panels to be cut from the grid. I laid this over the original drawing and then tried to re-draw those sections onto the panels I had cut out… That’s it, my first “Nail Zine” and my first Abstract Comix! Let me know what you think… Love all round. X

At the end of last year I learned about a Zine called Girl Frenzy. It’s creator Erica Smith was talking at Laydeez do Comics. One of the covers just sucked me right in, I just loved the design. I was worried because the idea came over me that I had to have a copy of that Zine, and I was almost certain it’d be impossible to get… Luckily for me Erica is awesome, and agreed to swap for some of my Comix and Zines! Later that night I thought it’d be cool to do a version of the same cover, and yesterday I had a go! So, here it is!  Here is an interview with Erica if you’re interested and here is a link to Laydeez do Comics, which is an exellent comics reading group, which is not just for Laydeez!

Love all round, jimi x