This is the first zine that I have self published using my real name ( jimi gherkin being my comic book pseudonym) I’m not sure why I decided now to start doing stuff under my real name, or indeed why I started going by the name jimi gherkin in the first place…a lot of people know me as jimi, and I’m happy to be known as jimi…

But whatever, this zine is of abstract drawing that I made a few days ago, accompanied by a poem about drawing… The point is that ANYONE can draw, and that drawing isn’t a scary thing, but it can be an insightful practise in learning about the self and our relationship with the world around us, as well as lots of fun! Its often I hear people say “I can’t draw”, this statement doesn’t make any sense to me, and with these simple dots, lines and blobs I hope to encourage those that thought that to have a go… Love all round,