Girl Frenzy Tribute Cover!

At the end of last year I learned about a Zine called Girl Frenzy. It’s creator Erica Smith was talking at Laydeez do Comics. One of the covers just sucked me right in, I just loved the design. I was worried because the idea came over me that I had to have a copy of that Zine, and I was almost certain it’d be impossible to get… Luckily for me Erica is awesome, and agreed to swap for some of my Comix and Zines! Later that night I thought it’d be cool to do a version of the same cover, and yesterday I had a go! So, here it is!  Here is an interview with Erica if you’re interested and here is a link to Laydeez do Comics, which is an exellent comics reading group, which is not just for Laydeez!

Love all round, jimi x

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comix and zine fan and artist. DAP x

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