Container II, and “Yer Old Mate Hate”!

So, I just started renting a studio! I was indecisive (really?! me!!) and almost didn’t do it; its an expense, would I use it enough to make it worth it? Also, I work a day job so, would I have enough time to get in there and make the most of it… and the inevitable; I felt a bit of a faker! Y’know “real” artists have studios… But that was just b.s self doubt! I AM an artist!

Doing stuff at home is cool, but these last few months I have been living back at my parents, and there isn’t much space for me to get down to some serious work, I doodled a bit here and there, but I need to have some space just for myself, here someone is always around, the teevee is on etc etc… I love my family but its hard to work with everyone around… and it is work. Not in a negative way, I enjoy it! But I need to take it more seriously in a way. And here I am, taking it more seriously! I rented a studio, and I’ve been to “work” for two days! Better make the most of it while I’m on half term!

Anyway… today I got down to work on a strip for “Paranoia, Morbid Fantasies and the Mundane” with a character I doodled maybe 7 years ago called “Yer old mate hate”. He was on the cover of “jimi gherkin comics issue 1” but I haven’t ever used him in a strip. The strip is called “self doubt review interview” and it isn’t pretty! YOMH is basically the personification of all negativity, he is someone we all have one of those relationships with, we’ve known him for a long time and even though we don’t like him, we have to spend some time with him from time to time… We just have to make sure he doesn’t out-stay his welcome!!! So yeah, look out, there’ll be a new comic before the year is out!

Love all round.



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