Abstract Comix – “Nail Zines”

For this exhibition by the AWESOME Sassoon Gallery in Peckham I was asked to do something on a set of acrylic nails!!! So, here’s what I did… I did a “straight strip” (see “Issue 2” pics below) 10 panels just about a pair who meet after a guy comments on a girls nails! But I also used it as a chance to experiment. I’d read a bit about abstract comix on Richard Cowdry’s blog and been interested for a while in bringing in some element of chance to the process… a la John Cage (one day I want to do a 4:33 composed for comix…) I started with an abstract pen and ink drawing, kind of stream of consciousness,  no drafting, just drew it over a few hours… then using a 6 x 12 panel grid and a couple of dice I determined 10 sets of co-ordinates and thus 10 panels to be cut from the grid. I laid this over the original drawing and then tried to re-draw those sections onto the panels I had cut out… That’s it, my first “Nail Zine” and my first Abstract Comix! Let me know what you think… Love all round. X

Published by DAP

comix and zine fan and artist. DAP x

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