Winter’s Light

  Winter’s light

We gather on these cold dark nights

to celebrate the winter’s light

the light we share through all our arts

will surely warm the coldest hearts

and there need be no ancient reason

to share our love in this dark season

no figurehead to lead us on

to encourage us to have some fun

to dance and laugh and love and sing

no dogma needs to force these things

no money, gift, product or token

has worth like loving words when spoken

and as you near the daylight’s end

cherish the smile on the lips of a friend

then when the frosty eve draws in

enjoy the warmth that friendship brings

if you find yourself lost in the middle of winter

be straight and true and always remember

that every season has it’s end

so there’s no need to your senses forfend

from the cruel cold winters’ bitterness

entrust yourself to love’s prowess

and take as your guide this the winter’s light

travelling through the winter’s night

Published by DAP

comix and zine fan and artist. DAP x

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