Waiting for April

 Waiting for April

I can’t keep waiting for April

after all she’s just a month of the year

But I remember the cool kisses of your morning

and how you warmed me in the evening as the sun went down

I still taste the many berries of your being

And when I close my eyes smell cherry of your blossoming

I can’t keep waiting for April

after all it’s just a month in the year

I remember those long days and how they spurred me on

the fruitful times, oh how we thought that they would never end

light-hearted living as our troubles seemed to drift away

on the warm breeze which carried poetry and prompted song

But I can’t keep waiting for April

after all it’s just a month in a year

There is no muse

and I am certain

there’s no angel

that is bound to you

and lives in you my April

I can’t keep lamenting this winter

after all it’s another part of the year

So, I’ll keep active in attempting to achieve my goals

though days are short – let us use them while we have our strength

The biting cold may drive us harder than we’ve ever moved

And so we’re learning of capabilities we never knew

I shall not lament this winter

it’s just as important a part of the year

It’s all within us to accomplish our ambition

whether nights or days are long it really has no bearing here

So in morning rise and let us act upon desire

and we’ll be happy in the winter when the sun goes down

I won’t keep waiting for April

after all what is a month in a year?

Published by DAP

comix and zine fan and artist. DAP x

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