Leaner Physically and so too in character

In Winter, when the leaves fall from the trees

In the wood, I see farther and more clearly

As during periods of melancholy in my life

I shed my burdens

Like a laden ship drops it’s cargo

To escape an enemy

Or outrun a coming storm

So I achieve more

And who I am becomes more discernible

But everything in nature is balanced

These times are lonely

Indeed, the wood seems still and quiet

There is less to see

The animals have gone to ground

Birds flown away

The nights are longer

Days darker

With shadow cast by cloud

Much is obscured

So, when the clouds part

For but a brief moment

The sun shines through

And I see an enduring rose

I know I have no squabble

With the winter

Or with this life

I’m leaner physically

And so too, in character

Learning who I am

Published by DAP

comix and zine fan and artist. DAP x

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